How do you keep your phone battery healthy?

By:Pratham Talekar

Ways to keep battery healthy:

  • Prevent overheating
  • Try not to charge overnight
  • Don't completely drain your battery or keep it fully charged always. Keep it between 30–80%
  • Use the charger provided in the box
  • Dont charge your phone while using heavy apps that use a lot of battery (PUBG, Google Maps)
  • Don't charge your phone when it is under direct sunlight
  • Don't leave your phone in the car when your car is in direct sunlight.
  • Minimize your use when operating your phone in hot weather (direct sunlight)
  • Remove case while charging
  • Dont keep apps running in background while your phone is idle
  • Turn off Bluetooth, Hotspot,NFC while charging or when in direct sunlight
By:Luthfi Zain

Your lithium battery will lose it’s life along with the charging cycle. Everyt ime you charge from 0% to 100%, it’s 1 charge cycle. So if you charge from 50% to 100%, it will take 2 charges to be considered 1 charge cycle. Each battery has different charge cycle limit before it needs to be replaced. Under normal condition some good battery can be charged up to 1000 times before showing significant performance drop and should be replaced. So if you use 1 charge cycle every day, it will take around 3 years before you’ll be annoyed by a bad battery. But under many circumstances, those 1.000 limit can be reduced if the battery become unhealthy. So how to make your battery last as expected?

  • Do not let your battery over heat. You will make it over heat if you charge while using it. Try to avoid that. Battery running low is a sign for it to rest. Don’t push it.
  • Charge before it run’s out. You can charge it anytime like at 50%, 30% or even 60%. Just don’t let it go 0 too often.
  • Do not overcharge. Either unplug manually or buy a smart charger that will cut power when it reached 100%.
  • If you ever experience your battery suddenly dropping from 40% to 20%, it means your battery capacity has been reduced from it’s original capacity. For example originally it’s 4000 mAH, but it won’t stay that way forever. It will be reduced the more you use it, and it’s normal. Let’s say right now there’s only 3200 mAH left, but your phone still read it as 4000 mAH. So when your phone show 50%, your phone assume it has 2000 mAH left while actually there’s only 1600 mAH. To fix it you need to perform full charge cycle to recalibrate. Use it to 0% and charge it non stop without using it to 100%. That way your phone will notice the actual capacity remaining. In theory you won’t find sudden dropped for sometime. But don’t be wrong it’s not that your battery is getting back it it’s full capacity, it’s just your phone knows that the actual reduced capacity.

That’s about it to keep your battery healthy. Using it too often or charging it too often do not make your battery unhealthy, it just shortened it’s life span by using up the charging cycle.

By:Pratham Talekar

Your phone's battery has a memory of such. If you charge your phone repeatedly when it's, say, only at 40%, eventually it will never charge above that 40% again although it will show you 100% on your display.

To keep a battery healthy you should, as every geek knows, use your phone till it's below 5% then charge your battery right up to 100%. I charge my phone every second day overnight while sleeping. If you keep a healthy battery it should last around 48 hours even with frequent use. It's advisable to carry a portable power pack until your into the '48 hour ,charge,cycle'.

You'll be glad you followed these simple tips, it also makes your phone's battery charge quicker too rather than 'trickle charge'.