Frequently asked questions about our iPhone batteries

Is it an original Apple battery?

Honest advice is very important to us. An original Apple Battery you get only when repaired directly by Apple. Even if on the large platforms such as Amazon or eBay, supposedly original Apple Batteries are offered, these are mostly fakes or so-called pulled-originals. Batteries that were taken from an iPhone.

Our batteries are OEM batteries that come mostly from the same sources as an original Apple battery. All of our iPhone spare batteries have a chip with original software, overvoltage protection and a perfectly matched charging electronics. Our quality assurance guarantees that our batteries have 0 charging cycles and are delivered with the full battery capacity. In addition, we make sure that the date of production is never more than one to three months old.

Is the battery compatible with my APN?

Every iPhone battery comes with an APN (Article Product Number). Each iPhone model has different APNs. There are many rumors circulating on the Internet that the APN is crucial for the correct functioning of the battery. We can not confirm that. Since the iPhone 4, there are no problems with a different battery APN. All of the batteries we sell are 100% compatible with all APNs.

How can I test my iPhone battery?

You are not sure if your battery is defective? You have bought a new iPhone battery with us and want to know if this is really new? There are many apps and tools to test your battery. The best experience we have made with the tool "iBackupBot". The following link will show you how to use the iBackupBot tool to measure your battery. LINK: TEST BATTERY

How long do your batteries last?

The batteries offered by us have the same life as an original Apple battery. The technology of the batteries offered by us does not differ from the original battery. Key features such as surge protection, capacity, cell type and fit are identical. Note, however, that a battery, whether original or not, is subject to wear and the actual life depends on its use.

Our batteries typically retain up to 80% of their original capacity for approximately 500 full charge cycles.

Is there a guarantee for the battery?

Yes. We know that the batteries we offer have an extremely long life. For this reason, we give a whopping 24 months warranty on the battery. Natural wear is excluded from the warranty.

What effects does a defective battery have?

A broken or worn iPhone battery, in addition to the shorter battery life, may also be the cause of other problems on your iPhone. So starting from iOS 11.3 the following problems can be caused by the battery:

Starting apps takes a long time

Screen hangs when scrolling

Background lighting is dimmed

Volume when calling acts quieter

Network coverage is getting worse

Location services are inaccurate